SKC Family Support Group

St Kevin’s College aims to support a sense of family in the way that it sets about creating community which extends a strong sense of belonging (Mission Statement 2011-2015).

The St Kevin’s College Family Support Group provides practical assistance to members of the College Community in times of crisis. It is administered by the Mothers’ Association under the direction of Family Support Group Coordinator’s for the Senior and Junior Schools, who liaise with the Director of Students on a regular basis. At all times the confidentiality of the family involved is protected and Privacy Laws adhered to.

The support offered is usually the provision of home cooked meals and snacks made available on a roster system. Other assistance is possible and discussed on a needs basis. A family may make a direct request for assistance from the Family Support Group through the Coordinators or the Presidents of the Glendalough Mothers’ Association or Seniors Mothers’ Association. A referral can be made by a family friend or staff member. At all times, permission from the family involved is sought before any assistance is provided. There may be occasions when families decline the support or wish to postpone the offer until a later date and this will be respected at all times. One of the coordinators will liaise with the family or contact person who is familiar with the family, to ensure that their particular needs are met and delivery arrangements can be put in place.

The Family Support Group Network Database holds details of all those families who have offered to provide support. New parents are now invited to become involved by completing the Family Support Group Roster Enrolment Form, which can be found here. Volunteers are not linked to a Campus nor Year Level, but rather demographically organised to support the whole Community. Please return the form to the College by means indicated at the bottom of the form. Current parents already on the database will remain so until they request to be removed or when their youngest son completes Year 12. They do not need to resubmit an enrolment form. We ask that they inform the Coordinators of any changes to address, contact phone numbers or email address.

Past parents of the College may choose to stay involved, please note however that your details will be automatically removed from the database once your youngest son completes Year 12.

Financial support has been made available through the Glendalough Mothers’ Association and Senior Mothers’ Association to assist with the provision of services other than food. This will be administered at the discretion of the Family Support Group Coordinators in liaison with the Mothers Associations’ Presidents and Director of Students, according to the needs of the family involved.

Thank you.

SKC Family Support Group Coordinators

SKC Family Support Group Roster Enrolment Form