SKC Family Support Group

The St Kevin’s College Family Support Group provides practical assistance to members of the College Community in times of crisis.

The support offered is usually the provision of home cooked meals and snacks prepared and delivered by volunteers from the St Kevin’s community who are a part of the Family Support Group’s network database.

Families or a friend on the family’s behalf can request assistance by contacting the College or one of the FSG Coordinators. Requests are generally received over the phone or via email. The FSG Coordinators facilitate FSG assistance in liaison with the Deputy Head. At all times the confidentiality of the family involved is protected and Privacy Laws adhered to. 

The Family Support Group Network Database holds details of all SKC families who have offered to provide support. Volunteers are not linked to a Campus nor Year Level, but rather demographically organised to support the whole Community. Volunteers are only called on to assist once or twice a year at the most.

To join the FSG Network Database please click here

Thank you in advance for supporting this important SKC initiative. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Contact Us:


Kathryn Booth | 0431 895 958 | Glendalough

Louise Duncan | 0417 589 855 | Heyington and Waterford

SKC Family Support Group Roster Enrolment Form