Waterford Library

The Waterford Library is dedicated to meeting the reading and ICT needs of its Year 9 students. All students participate in an interactive and hands-on Library E- Program which operates over several weeks. Students are introduced to web 2 tools, alternative sources of information to Google and a range of presentations tools.

We have a popular Book Club which meets every fortnight and the students enjoy meeting representatives from various bookstores, helping to select books, hearing about literary news, events and competitions, sharing information about books, going on excursions and establishing their own virtual bookshelf.

An IT Committee also runs and last year this group of students produced some innovative and dynamic work such as a library blog and an interactive website about the library using Tapwey.

The library has a wide range of resources, magazines, DVDs and access to online resources.

The library is open Tuesday-Friday, before school from 8.15am and during lunchtime.

Bookclub Meeting

Bookclub meets at lunchtimes. Check for current dates.

Rice Program Wiki

Click on this link to take you to the Wiki which contains information about the various RICE destinations. You will find links to websites, video clips, images and book material.

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