Early Learning Centre

St Peter's Early Learning Centre

St Peter's Early Learning Centre is currently located at Rathfarnham, Loreto Toorak.

The St Peter’s Early Learning Centre, a partnership in education between Loreto Mandeville Hall and St Kevin’s College, provides a happy, nurturing, creative and challenging environment where boys and girls from three years of age can explore learning.

The early years of learning play a significant part in a child’s development. The quality of the experience encountered during these formative years is important in a child’s cognitive development. 

Integrated play-centred programs, based upon the Reggio Emilia concepts of learning and Gardiner’s Concepts of Early Learning, offer children the opportunity and time to discover and explore, to question and predict, to wonder, to imagine and to dream. The wider world becomes the child’s world. 

Emphasis is placed upon the development of a strong, positive self-image and a respect for the rights and feelings of others. The child is encouraged to be actively involved in strategies of collaboration and negotiation. Children become increasingly secure and reach out in their learning. St Peter’s Early Learning Centre immerses the child in the philosophy that learning is a lifelong journey, with links to further education at either Loreto Mandeville Hall or St Kevin’s College, Toorak.

For more information or to complete an application form, please contact Kathleen Brohier, Head of St. Peter's Early Learning Centre.

Early Learning Centre

Rathfarnham, Loreto Toorak - Temporary location 
10 Mandeville Crescent, Toorak 3142  

T 9823 8101 | email | website 

581 Toorak Road, Toorak 3142 - Currently under redevelopment 

T 9827 7233