St Kevin’s Year 9 campus is dedicated to making the passage of boys through adolescence as successful as possible. Having a place by themselves where they are significant and have responsibilities which would not be available in the full school is a important factor in the success of this campus. Also important is that the Year 9 boys on this campus have a group of teachers dedicated to them and their needs.

Waterford is situated on Richmond Hill and occupies the facilities of the former Vaucluse College. This is a delightful environment. It is only two train stops from Heyington and allows easy access to sporting facilities and music ensembles.

Special to the Waterford program is the extended Outdoor Education experience which develops the three areas of Heritage, Sustainability and the Indigenous. Students visit one of eight World Heritage locations in June for two weeks. Likewise, a program of active engagement with historical, cultural and other significant institutions of the City of Melbourne is central to the program.

The adolescent years are a time of intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual change. The special experiences at Waterford are crafted to make these changes positive. The academic and other expectations of the College are maintained so that it is a year of academic and personal development in which the foundations for a successful VCE are laid.

St Kevin's College Waterford

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