Choral Scholarship

Applications for the St Patrick's Cathedral Choral Scholarships are now closed.

Audition Venue

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all applicants are required to email the audition material to Dr Philip Matthias. In your email you may attach the video and audio files (size permitting), or, in the body of the email you may paste links to the relevant material. See "Audition Material" for more details of the material to be submitted. 

General Information

The present Cathedral Choir was founded in 1939 when 20 boys from the Vienna Mozart Boys' Choir were stranded in Melbourne at the outbreak of the Second World War. The choir stands proudly in the great tradition of Catholic church music, its repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant to compositions by contemporary composers.

St Patrick's Cathedral Choir scholarships are offered by the Archdiocese of Melbourne in conjunction with St Kevin's College, Toorak to support the liturgical music program of St Patrick's Cathedral.

Holders of these scholarships are educated at St Kevin's College Toorak. Alongside their involvement in the musical and spiritual life of the Cathedral, scholarship holders also contribute as students in the Senior School to the musical activities of the College.

The scholarship scheme provides an opportunity for boys with appropriate musical talent to receive an academic schooling of the highest quality at one of Melbourne’s finest Catholic schools alongside an exceptional musical education both at the Cathedral and at St Kevin's College.


To be eligible to apply for these scholarships, boys must be Catholic and be able to enrol in Year 5 at St Kevin's College in the year in which the scholarship is taken up.


Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the submitted audition material and students must satisfy normal entrance requirements at the College. 

Duration of Scholarships

Subject to annual review of musical and academic performance and demonstration of the appropriate level of commitment and participation choral scholarships extend to the completion of Year 12 at St Kevin's College.

After leaving the treble line of the Cathedral Choir, boys are required as an integral part of the scholarship scheme to belong to the St Kevin’s Senior Choir or other approved musical activity at the College. Subject to the annual review process, they may also continue to sing as Altos, Tenors or Basses in the Cathedral Choir.

Requirements of Choral Scholarship Holders

  • Members of the Cathedral Choir are required to be fully involved in the activities of the choir from the beginning of Term 1 until Christmas Day each year.

  • Treble scholarship holders (normally boys in Years 5 - 8 or 9) are required to attend regular rehearsals and services normally at the following times or at alternative times to be announced*:
    • Two mornings (Wednesdays & Thursdays before school) and one afternoon (after school on Fridays) at St Kevin’s.
    • Occasional Thursday evening rehearsals at the Cathedral.
    • Sunday morning rehearsal and Mass at the Cathedral.

  • Alto, Tenor and Bass scholarship holders (normally boys in Years 9 - 12) who continue to sing in the Cathedral Choir attend the following regular rehearsals and services: 
    • Thursday evening rehearsals (currently held at St Kevin’s, although the venue may change to the Cathedral in 2021).
    • Sunday morning rehearsal and Mass at the Cathedral. 
    •  Weekly rehearsals of St Kevin’s Senior Choir or approved alternative activity.
  • In addition to the above regular requirements boys in the Cathedral Choir are expected to attend special rehearsals and services as listed on the choir calendar, or as required from time to time. These would include services during Holy Week, ordinations and other special occasions.

* please note- the rehearsal days are currently being reviewed for 2021, and may   change slightly to the above information.  

Financial Terms for Successful Applicants

  • Part remission of Tuition Fees at St Kevin's College:
    • The normal remission of tuition fees for Cathedral Trebles, and for Altos, Tenors and Basses who continue in the Cathedral Choir is 50%.
    • Altos, Tenors and Basses who, as a result of the annual review process no longer sing in the Cathedral Choir, but continue to belong to the St Kevin's Senior Choir or approved alternative will continue to receive a discount at a lower rate at the Principal's discretion.
  • Families are expected to pay any optional associated charges and the Capital Levy.
  • Families of successful applicants who receive a Choral Scholarship will be responsible to pay St Kevin's College the difference between the Total of Tuition Fees and Compulsory Associated Charges and the Scholarship granted.


A registration fee does not apply for Choral Scholarships.