Code of Behaviour

Every student at St. Kevin’s has rights and responsibilities. Here are the main ones:

Safety and Security

Each student at St Kevin’s has a right to a safe and secure environment. He needs to be safe and protected and to have his property respected. It is his responsibility:

  • to respect others and treat them with understanding
  • to respect the rights of others by treating College property, student property, railways, staff property with due care
  • not to endanger others
  • not to steal, damage or destroy other people’s property
  • to seek permission if he wishes to borrow
  • to stay on the College grounds within designated areas unless otherwise directed

Christian Courtesy and respect

Each student has the right to be treated fairly and respected for the person he is.   It is your responsibility:

  • to be punctual
  • to show respect and courtesy in his speech and actions to teachers, other students, non-teaching staff and tuckshop volunteers
  • to help others in time of need
  • not to demand more than his fair share of attention
  • to treat others fairly
  • to provide encouragement to others

Public Profile

Each student has the privilege of being part of St Kevin’s. He would like the reputation of the College to be held in high esteem.   It is your responsibility:

  • to behave well in public
  • to use socially acceptable language
  • to dress neatly in the correct College uniform or sports attire as detailed in the college rules
  • to maintain a clean, tidy personal appearance, attire, hair
  • to take an interest in the decisions being made in the College community
  • to play interschool sport fairly
  • not to litter, vandalise or misuse public property
  • to observe strictly the Colelge rules on public transport


Each student has the right to be listened to and not ignored. Every student is an important part of the communication process.   It is your responsibility:

  • to think before he speaks
  • to listen to others respectfully
  • to play an active role in communicating between St Kevin’s and home


Each student needs to know why his misbehaviour is unacceptable and to understand the consequences of such behaviour.  It is your responsibility:

  • to know the College and class rules and to obey them
  • to behave in a socially acceptable manner
  • to face the consequences which may come from his actions
  • to act responsibly when injustice occurs
  • to accept the authority of those whose responsibility calls him to order, and to follow their reasonable directions with good grace
  • to lessen poor behaviour and understand how it disrupts learning

Conditions For Learning

Each student has the right to learn, to work in peace and not be disturbed, and to receive encouragement and help in conditions that give him the best chance of succeeding.   It is your responsibility:

  • to make every effort to learn and succeed
  • accept a measure of responsibility for his own learning and development
  • to create the best conditions for learning
  • to cooperate with other students and with staff in class, on the grounds, on the sports field or other venues, so that all can learn and grow
  • attend punctually all scheduled class periods, training, rehearsals, games and performances
  • to gain authorisation for any variation in attendance from class, school or co-curricular activities
  • to keep up with and complete all work required of him, in class and at home
  • to encourage, to help and to accept help

Religious Environment

Each student has the right to religious freedom and practice.   It is your responsibility:

  • to maintain an attitude of respect and prayerfulness at liturgies and in the Chapel
  • to participate well in liturgies, retreats, and class lessons in religious education
  • to show reverence for the religious views of others at all times