College Rules

  1. At all times students should act in accordance with the ideals of Christianity, displaying respect, compassion and decency in interaction with members of the public, staff and fellow students.

  2. Students are expected to take pride in the College environment and ensure that all buildings and surroundings are respected and preserved in the best possible condition, free of litter and damage.

  3. Students are expected to make themselves available both for training and playing in College sports teams and co-curricular program. This takes priority over non-College commitments.

  4. In all competition, whether as contestants or spectators, students should manifest the spirit of true sportsmanship and fair play.

  5. The appropriate College uniform is to be worn on all College occasions and to reflect the highest standard of dress.

  6. Use of drugs, smoking, consumption of alcohol, gambling and other illegal activities are forbidden to students within or beyond the College.

  7. Students may not drive a motor vehicle to College properties, College functions, or APS venues without the express permission of the Deputy Head; additional permission is required if the driver wishes to carry students as passengers.

  8. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during school hours and iPad and other technological devices are only to be accessed in classrooms, under the specific direction of the teacher.

Disregard of College rules will result in a series of consequences, the most serious being forfeiture of a position in the College.

At Glendalough this means students will:

  • Follow directions
  • Speak appropriately
  • Listen to the speaker without interrupting
  • Keep hands off
  • Move safely
  • Look after all property