Headmaster's Address

Dear Parents

Bright-eyed students scurried around Glendalough and Heyington when Orientation Day unfurled across Monday. The ‘scurrying’ was, to this reasonably seasoned observer, the boys enthusiastically going from activity to test to tour to play. It was exciting to have confirmed all who will join us from Year 1 to Year 7 in 2019, and to have prepared our own Glendalough boys for the crossing of the railway line.

Wednesday morning I spent with our Waterford community. Those blue blazers will make Presentation Night – just. I am not concerned about the amount of arm visible, nor jackets that have been well-patched, but do ask that the boys ensure that their blazers have buttons! The Waterford Jazz Ensemble gave a powerful performance, the boys of Mannix spoke eloquently of their Tutor Patron and Mr Power spoke well of the manners and etiquette we demand of our boys as they host the Year 9 Social.

I was back at Heyington to receive reviews and comments from colleagues and boys on the VCE English paper. The reviews were favourable and there was a quiet confidence that the deep and meticulous preparation by boys and their teachers, had prepared them well. That evening, it was a great honour to host at KLTC, the Centenary Dinner for Board Members. We gathered men and women who have so generously advised, guided and supported the College, our Leadership Teams and Headmasters, across the decades. Our Deputy Head, Janet Canny, welcomed this special group and prayed a touching and apposite Grace. Mr Peter Leahy proposed with style and thoughtfulness a Toast to the College. It was my role to reply with a little help from my predecessor, Brother Wilding. Old friendships were renewed, people who have shepherded our finances, directed our building and helped refine and interpret our ethos, met and mixed with great camaraderie, and we all looked ahead to a bright SKC future.

I trust all enjoy the Cup holidays and return ready to conquer examinations and refreshed to enjoy the final weeks of this remarkable year. Secondary boys return in Summer Uniform.

Headmaster’s Study Awards

Year  9 Health & Human Movement Joseph Romero
  Mandarin Dominic Morelli

Co-Curricular Appointments

Cricket Captain

Ned Mulkearns

  Deputy Captain Michael Parsons

Kind regards

Stephen Russell