Headmaster's Address

Dear Parents

The circle of life was prominent in my mind as we began our shortest week of the term. Colleagues celebrated the births of a son and a daughter to two young couples, we mourned the loss across the break of a mother and a father of two other colleagues. We pray for the lives commencing and for the eternal rest of those who have died.

Wednesday evening, the Old Collegians and the College hosted Eucharist in memory of those Old Collegians and staff who have passed away across the last year. Father Anthony Cox SSC (SKC 69), celebrated the Mass attended by a large congregation.

In Memoria, we publish the names of those for whom the Mass was offered:

Alan Gerard DOBSON (SKC 1938)

Br John Climacus KISSANE CFC (SKC 1938)

John Francis RYAN (SKC 1940)

Frank Geoffrey LODGE (SKC 1941)

Kevin James TIMMS (SKC 1941)

John Neylon MOLONY (SKC 1943)

Adrian Ernest STOKES (SKC 1943)

Br Francis Dermot SHORTILL CFC (SKC 1945)

John Anthony (Tony) FARNAN (SKC 1946)

Leo Michael GROGAN (SKC 1946)

Raymond Durham WALSH (SKC1948)

Desmond John BARRY (SKC 1950)

Norman John SIMMONDS (SKC 1950)

Fr Kevin John MCKENNA OP (SKC 1951)

Robert Edward STEWARD (SKC 1951)

Barry John HUMPHRIS (SKC1952)

John Francis DORO (SKC 1956)

Roady John MACEY (SKC 1957)

Gavan Damien GRIMES (SKC 1958)

Bernard (Peter) HARDIMAN (SKC 1960)

Frederick Emile ROBILLIARD (SKC 1961)

Michael Justin JACKMAN (SKC1962)

Peter Francis BURGESS (SKC1963)

Michael Frederick FIELD (SKC 1965)

Timothy James COLLIE (SKC1968)

Paul Robert KIRSCH (SKC 1969)

Paul Keane NOONAN (SKC 1969)

George Angelo CORREDIG (SKC 1975)

Michael James GOLLER (SKC 1977)

Anthony Richmond LIDDELL (SKC 1985)

Nicholas David GOWANS (SKC 1991)

Tariq RAHEEM (SKC 1991)

Justin James CARROLL (SKC 2008)

Hector William Peter RYAN (SKC 2017)

Maurice James LYNCH (Hon OC)



Vincent Raymond McKENNA OBE (Headmaster 1968 - 1970)



Conversations, some quietly conducted in and about the Chapel of St Kevin and others in a more social setting with refreshments, allowed for reconnections and important memories to be shared. The Remembrance Eucharist is always a powerful and moving evening in the liturgical life of St Kevin’s.

Our senior students enter the second week of VCE public examinations. Do keep the boys in your thoughts and prayers. You will see at the bottom of this article, the invitation for the final in our Centenary Albert Street Lecture series. Our guest is Professor Greg Craven AO GCSC (SKC 75). His influence of, and knowledge, regarding education in Australia, many would agree, is second to none. He is a witty, profound and entertaining speaker. You are most welcome to register via https://www.trybooking.com/ZCHV.

We have commenced the discernment process to appoint College Student Leaders for 2019. It is a lengthy, far-reaching and thorough exercise, with input from senior students, academic staff, House Heads, Tutors, past leaders and the senior staff of the College. Our tradition is that the leaders of 2018 take us through to the end of the school year with the new appointments commencing service in January. I shall write in greater detail of the process in the final Omnia for 2018.

Kind regards

Stephen Russell