Headmaster's Address

Dear Parents,

Year 12 are nearly through their VCE examinations and Year 11 are deeply engaged with their examinations.  Years 7 – 10 should be in revision and exam preparation mode, ensuring they are using all materials available on the Portal, concentrating every moment in class, attending study sessions after school to seek help from staff and tutors if they have identified gaps in their knowledge.  Examinations are a chance for a student to show what they know and the thinking processes they have developed.  My colleagues will set exams with this positive philosophy forefront of their minds.

The common papers in each year level, do allow for accurate statistical analysis of our students.  It is important to note that the contribution of statistically adjusted examination scores plays only a part in a student’s global grade generally in a subject: Year 7 20%; Year 8 30%; Year 9 40%; Year 10 50%; Year 11 50%.

May I remind families across the College of the key dates and timings of end of year functions:

Glendalough P-6


7.00pm Tue 3 Nov

Smith Hall

Year 6


6.00pm Thu 5 Nov

St Ignatius Richmond

Years 7 and 8


6.00pm Mon 9 Dec

Melbourne Town Hall

Year 9


6.00pm Tue 10 Dec

Smith Hall

Years 10 and 11


8.00pm Mon 9 Dec

Melbourne Town Hall


It is perhaps also important to note in family planners, the 2020 Term dates:

Term 1

Friday 31 January – Friday 27 March

Year 7 Orientation Day: Thursday 30 January

Term 2

Tuesday 14 April – Friday 19 June

Term 3

Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September

Term 4

Monday 5 October – Friday 4 December

Years 7, 8, 10, 11 Presentation Evening: Monday 7 December

Year 9 Presentation Evening: Tuesday 8 December


Summer sports for many senior teams is underway even though we have needed winter attire as spectators these last few weeks!  I look forward to helping support our players and coaches alongside parents, in these final weeks of Term IV.


Co-Curricular Appointments



Max Leiner



Deputy Captain

Joshua Herington

Harry Davies



Marcus Fernandez



Jake Patterson


Kind regards,

Stephen Russell