Headmasters Address

Dear Parents,

Attributed to Leonard Cohen is the statement, ‘act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act’.  I have long held the firm belief that character, good decision-making and ensuring one acts in line with your personal, family and community values, can be developed and strengthened in a similar fashion to musical or sporting skills flowering by practice and repetition.

Stand up for an adult passenger on transport once and the second time is easier, and so it goes.  Demanding of a schoolmate or friend that they speak respectfully of another, may well be difficult the first time you do so, but speaking up will not only be easier for you the second time, but may well encourage another to back you.  This view of building character capacity applies from the everyday examples as mentioned above, to significant decisions in your life.

Ms Canny, Mr Daly, Mrs Ryan, Kate and I were guests last night at the Combined Associations’ Eucharist and Dinner.  Mass was deeply enjoyed, enhanced by Father Malcolm Crawford’s prayerful presence and engaging sermon.  I accept it’s still November, but when many of us entered Boyd Egan Hall for dinner, the settings and decorations certainly made a Christmas statement.  The goodwill, friendship and sense of community were uplifting and enjoyable.  This evening, alongside my son, James (SKC 05), I shall attend the Year 11 Father and Son dinner at Melbourne Town Hall.  Professor David Brewster (SKC 98) and Mr Philip Baré (SKC 97) are the guest speakers.  I will be away from the weekend returning to school next Wednesday, attending the Year 12 Leaders’ Camp at Toolangi.

My Christmas best wishes will be expressed more fulsomely in the Omnia you receive prior to the Feast Day, but I take this extra opportunity to wish all a happy and Holy Christmas and holidays.  Thank you for your support throughout 2019.

Co-curricular Appointments

MusicCaptainJustin Mitchell
Lawn BowlsCaptainJoshua Lake

Captain of Boats

Deputy Captain of Boats

Oscar Ryan

Liam Burke

Table TennisCaptainMichael Athanasiadis


End of Year Functions

Glendalough P-6


7.00pm Tue 3 Dec

Smith Hall

Year 6


6.00pm Thu 5 Dec

St Ignatius Richmond

Years 7 and 8


6.00pm Mon 9 Dec

Melbourne Town Hall

Year 9


6.00pm Tue 10 Dec

Smith Hall

Years 10 and 11


8.00pm Mon 9 Dec

Melbourne Town Hall


2020 Term Dates

Term 1

Friday 31 January – Friday 27 March

Year 7 Orientation Day: Thursday 30 January

Term 2Tuesday 14 April – Friday 19 June 
Term 3Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September 
Term 4

Monday 5 October – Friday 4 December

Years 7, 8, 10, 11 Presentation Night: Monday 7 December

Year 9 Presentation Night: Tuesday 8 December


Kind regards,

Stephen Russell