Headmaster's Weekly Address

Dear Parents

The College Leadership Team and the Deans of Faith and Mission spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at the EREA Congress. The theme of the Congress was Charting New Horizons. It has been five years since the last Congress and, once again, the wide community that is EREA gathered. There were EREA Council and Board Members, Christian Brothers, senior staff from schools and flexible learning centres across the country. Visitors from India, Africa, Northern America and Ireland joined us, too.

Keynote speakers included Senator Pat Dodson, Father Frank Brennan, Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmao, Ms Emma Alberici, Dr Wayne Tinsey and Mr Ray Paxton. As you would expect, there was much to absorb, discuss and reflect upon our time together. I thank and acknowledge the commitment of our senior staff for their wholehearted involvement in this important process, within a particularly hectic time of 2018.

On Saturday evening, the Zimele Foundation held its Annual Dinner, at which a decade of outreach, immersion and fundraising was celebrated. My thanks to Mr McGirr for his leadership of Zimele and the wonderful support from so many staff, parents, old collegians and students. I encourage all the community to support the third of our major fundraisers for Zimele, the 24 Hour Challenge, which will be held over this weekend (15/16 September). In a year when we appropriately reconnect with our own past and look to the SKC future, it is important that we continue to value connections and responsibilities beyond St Kevin’s. Zimele is one of those key connections that ensures we are aware and conscious of ‘the other’.

The Class of 2013 gathered for their five-year reunion on Monday evening. In a fine piece of synchronicity, 100 of us enjoyed time together, as school friendships were enhanced and new directions discovered. Tuesday saw the College running. The Glendalough Athletics Carnival was held at Heyington and the Years 7 – 12 event at Box Hill Athletics Track. These are big events and our chief organisers, Mr Hayes for Glendalough and Messrs Travers, O’Brien and Hargreaves at Box Hill, deserve our thanks. Boys, large and small, greatly enjoy the day, and the House Competition is good fun, at the same time, allowing our better athletes a chance to shine. McCarthy won the Secondary trophy and Vaughan were victorious in the Glendalough competition. The Year 10 Dancing Class Social tested the stamina of some after Athletics, but all reports are that it was an excellent night, that same evening.

The Princess King was this year’s Year 8 play performed across the week in the Ruby Tout, in collaboration with Korowa. The large cast did a great job on stage and their timing of the many "dad" jokes, was excellent. My thanks to Ms Gilchrist and Mr Nott as Director and Assistant Director. Luke Lourey as Henry the Cook, Aidan Hawe as the Thief, and Sebastian Conidi as King Frederick, were strong performers, as were Talia Liebmann as Princess Genevieve and the intrepid reports, Mia Pistofian and Madeline Miao.


Excellence Award

Timothy O’Malley

     Finalist (1 of 8) Australian Youth Orchestra Fanfare Competition

Headmaster’s Study Awards

Year 11 Japanese Aaron Ng
Year 8 Mathematics

Tak Heo

 Jack Hillyer

 Henry Jones

Kind regards

Stephen Russell