Headmaster's Weekly Address

Dear Parents

A long weekend is a gift; yet, do you ever share my sense that in the four days that follow, you need to fit five days’ work into those four days?  Our first play of 2019, ‘The Outsiders’, was performed across three nights with the support of students from Sacré Coeur.  Adapted from S E Hinton’s novel, it was directed by Ms Gillian Shannon, ably assisted by Mrs Edwina Tribe.  Congratulations to all students (47) and staff (7) involved.

The Year 7A – 7E Mother and Son Evening was held on Monday as were three Year 8 Retreats.  The Year 7F - 7J Mother and Son Evening will be held tonight, and we had Year 10 Community Service on Wednesday, as well as another full week of House Social Justice Partnership visits.  Naturally, classes went ahead at full tilt with Year 12 lads facing, with confidence I hope, a range of SACs.

In the last week of Term, all Years 10 and 11 will participate in the Outdoor Activity Programs –  Year 10, on our version of a Camino, and Year 11 on a great variety of activities we group under the nomenclature, ‘One Step Beyond’.  Parents requiring leave for their sons from OAP, have already been in contact with me and I must now reinforce that after Monday next, 18 March, it will be unlikely that the OAP levy would be reimbursed.  You will understand that we must confirm numbers with providers.  I will always consider special cases around hardship or other extreme difficulties.  Let’s hope all boys and staff, who are scheduled and preparing to enjoy this great last week of term, get to participate.

This Sunday, all are welcome for the Zimele Mass at 9.00am in the Chapel of St Kevin, followed by the Zimele Community Walk, which follows directly after, commencing at 10.00am.

Kind regards

Stephen Russell