Headmaster's Weekly Address

Dear Parents

Much was tidied in the Russell world across the Cup long weekend!  The chance to reflect and discern whilst immersed in the garden was hugely pleasurable.  The garage received a decent decluttering, cars were cleaned, dinner out with Kate, an MTC play and time with our grandson, combined well to enable me to return ready to embrace the second half of Term IV.

On Tuesday evening, we were guests at Newman College at a dinner celebrating the canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman.  Father Uren and Mr Sean Burke are such generous hosts, often including members of our community in events at Newman.  The speaker, Baron Patten of Barnes, was among the best after-dinner speakers I have heard in a decade.  His erudite, at times humourous and spiritual reflection on the importance of Cardinal Newman was simply marvellous.  I read lately, ‘Those who seek the divine in what can seem like an increasingly hostile intellectual environment find in Newman a powerful ally who championed the individual conscience against an overwhelming relativism’.  I plan to read more of the works of our most recent English-speaking saint.

Last night we gathered for Eucharist to remember Old Collegians and former colleagues who have died in the past year.  The Mass and subsequent supper were poignant.  The conversations with family and friends are both challenging and uplifting.  It is our community at its supportive best.

Please remember in your prayers, the following members of our community and their extended family and friends.



Old Collegians and Members of Staff who have died,

especially those who have died in recent times:


Jarrod Steven ALLEN (SKC 1996)

Dr Vincent Conrad AMERENA (SKC 1946)

Graeme David ARTHURSON (SKC 1979)

Dr John (Jan) Charles BALLEK (SKC 1945)

Michael Richard BOURKE (SKC 2002)

Brian Francis CARROLL (SKC 1954)

Bernard (Barney) COONEY (SKC 1952)

Peter Francis DAVIES (SKC 1948)

Kevin Ian GATES (SKC 1951)

Nikhil Francis FERNANDES (SKC 2009)

Dr Julian Bernard HEINZE (SKC 1952)

Colin Campbell JOHNSTONE (SKC 1962)

John Kenneth HIGHAM OAM (SKC 1969)

Michael John KEESHAN (SKC 1965)

Anthony Kieran LISTON (SKC 1997)

David James MISELL (SKC 1965) (Staff 1980 - 1981)

Br John David PARKER cfc (SKC 1953)

Terence James PILCHER (SKC 1959)

Kevin Thomas PURCELL (SKC 1941)

Peter Graham ROSS (SKC 1953)

Dr Joseph Natalino SANTAMARIA OAM (SKC 1940)

Dr Edward (Ted) Leo RYAN (SKC 1938)

John William SARGEANT (SKC 1948)

Michael J WILLIS (SKC 1963)



Dr Dorothy May COLCLOUGH (Staff 1985 - 2005)

Timothy John SIM (Staff 2009 - 2014)



Kind regards

Stephen Russell