Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Student of St Kevin’s College

As we approach the end of the year, I am mindful of the vast volume of work that has been completed in 2020 across many areas of the College. While much of this work is often not seen, it is critical in ensuring the care and support of all students throughout their journey at St Kevin’s College and into their future. It is useful at the conclusion of the year, to provide a snapshot of these changes. In doing so I hope this provides confidence for parents as we move into the future under a new Principal in 2021.

As all members of the community will be aware, the College appointed three senior executive roles early in 2020; Director of Child Safeguarding, Director of Human Resources and Director of Governance. They have worked collaboratively with the entire Leadership Team and their colleagues to embedding these important initiatives.

As part of the ongoing work of the Office of Child Safeguarding, the following initiatives have been implemented in this area:

  1. The appointment of 10 child-safety officers across Glendalough, Heyington and Waterford campuses and the provision of specialised training for these staff members
  2. A range of comprehensive child-safety training opportunities have been provided to all staff including Mandatory Reporting, Child Safety Code of Conduct, Anaphylaxis etc
  3. A restructured sign-in process for all visitors to our 3 campuses to ensure appropriate requirements have been met
  4. The creation of a Child Safety Framework structured around 5 key areas of Safeguarding; Identify, Professional Practice, Compliance and Risk Management, Student Voice and Research and Innovation
  5. The establishment of a Child Safety Resource Library located on the College Portal
  6. A Child Safety email address for staff and parents to log concerns around child safety
  7. The implementation of a Health Curriculum for Years 7-10
  8. Development of stronger relationships with Victoria Police, Bayside SOCIT, DHHS and other key stakeholders as partners in supporting all students and families
  9. Development and launch of the CompliSpace Child Safety and Student Duty of Care Modules for staff

In the area of Governance, the following initiatives and improvements have been achieved in 2020:

  1. Coordinating and completing a comprehensive review and re-write of College policies and procedures
  2. Development and launch of the CompliSpace Child Safety and Student Duty of Care Modules to assist and support staff in their ongoing care of all students
  3. Policy writing and release of extensive policy programs for Child Protection, Student Duty of Care, Staff and Student Safety, Emergency and Incident Management, Privacy and Health Management
  4. Training and awareness sessions to guide staff on embedding of policy, procedure and compliance
  5. The implementation of comprehensive management committee structure that provides collaboration and consultation with staff and students in operational governance and continuous improvement
  6. Updating and refreshing the Internet and Community Policy Interface on our College Website to provide easy to read and current information on key policy areas
  7. Convening of working groups for focussed delivery of process review and implementation across many areas of the college
  8. Establishment of the NOUS culture review ready for delivery in early 2021 

In the area of Human Resources, the Director of HR has worked with the HR Team to implement the following in 2020:

  1. Stronger governance around human resources practices including the key areas of recruitment and new staff on-boarding and induction
  2. Implementation of a mentoring model for leaders focused on building strengths, addressing challenges and achieving leadership growth
  3. Wellbeing support for teachers and support staff as they pivoted between remote teaching and learning in a COVID safe way

I wish all members of our community a very happy, safe and holy Christmas break. 

Yours sincerely,

John Crowley
Acting Principal