Junior School Newsletter

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

We talk of Melbourne and four seasons in a week and, amazingly, a day sometimes.  Soft rains, mists and cold nights were part of the Toolangi Leadership Camp experience.  Past Leaders, senior staff and 45 boys explored the style and requirements of an SKC leader across Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I am so grateful to all who were part of this important time.

Refreshed by a home shower, we joined the Glendalough community on Tuesday evening in Smith Hall for Carols on a sunny summer’s evening.  A massive crowd enjoyed our boys’ homeroom carols and songs, and the choral specialist groups’ performances immensely.  Particular congratulations to Ms Friend, Mr Campbell and Mrs Roland for their co-ordination of this important end of year event.

In a year of many major events, the retirement of Mr John Davenport is significant.  John graduated from St Kevin’s in 1970, the recipient of the Ken Ogilvie Prize and Deputy Captain of the College.  A Science Degree, Diploma of Education, time working in industry and in Government schools, prepared him for his return to St Kevin’s in 1981 as a teacher of Science and Mathematics.  John’s education of boys for the next 38 years has been generous and life-changing for so many students.  He was Form Master of Years 8 and 9, Year Level Co-ordinator of Years 10 and 11 and perhaps, most influentially, Purton House Head.  TIC of Cricket, APS Delegate and Social Justice advocate and participant, are further ways by which John enhanced our community.  He is the Guest of Honour at the Years 10 and 11 Presentation Evening.

Tonight at St Ignatius, we will celebrate Eucharist with our Year 6 students as they prepare to cross the bridge to Heyington for 2019.  Our Board will convene for its final meeting of 2018 later tonight after a day of truly high summer temperatures.

I look forward to seeing families at the ELC Liturgy and function on Friday, one of our three Presentation Ceremonies (I ask that you match your dress code to that expected of your sons) or perhaps the Year 12 Formal.  My sincere thanks to all for your whole-hearted participation in the celebration of our Centenary.  I wish all a very happy and Holy Christmas.

Presentation Evenings and End of Year Student Functions


Tuesday 4 December

Glendalough Carols

Smith Hall (Hey)


Thursday 6 December

Year 6 Eucharist

St Ignatius Richmond


Friday 7 December

St Peter’s ELC

Boyd Egan Hall (Glen)


Monday 10 December

Years 7 and 8 Presentation Evening

Melbourne Town Hall


Monday 10 December

Years 10 and 11 Presentation Evening

Melbourne Town Hall


Tuesday 11 December

Year 9 Presentation Evening

Smith Hall (Hey)

Kind regards
Stephen Russell

From the Director of Glendalough

Dear Community Members,

There they stand, frozen in their plaster forms. Mary, Joseph and the angel staring down at the empty crib. The anticipation of Advent in tableau. ‘It’s all about the baby’ was my thought as I rushed past. Or is it?

I know of a Christmas story that doesn’t revolve around the baby. It revolves instead around an aged man. A husband, a father and grandfather, grown too feeble to attend the family Christmas as he has done for the past eighty eight years. Unable to make it from his bed to a chair without major assistance, he would never make it across town and up flights of stairs to this year’s Christmas dinner.

A Christmas story about a wife who will not leave her husband on Christmas day. She would not feel right to leave him alone while he is awake. The habit of sixty five years. More than a habit. A devotion. The family can go on as usual without her but she will sit with her husband for this day as she does on most days.

A Christmas story of a daughter who will not leave her mother and father alone on Christmas day. She would not feel right to leave them alone for any part of the day. She will postpone all festivities and sit with them until late in the evening when her father is safely released into sleep and her mother free to move from his bedside.  The habit of years. More than a habit. A devotion.

This Christmas story is in its essence no different from that first Christmas. A Babooshka doll of love and devotion. The sacramentality of everyday life. A sign of God’s presence among us. The age old story of Christmas.

“Look the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel”, which means, ‘God is with us’. - Matthew 9:23

I wish each of you a happy and safe Christmas. May God be with you.

James Daly
Director of Glendalough

Fullness of Life

  • The Year 12 2019 Student Leadership Camp was held.
  • The Year 10 OAP Leaders’ Camp was held.
  • Heyington and Waterford Parent Support Group meetings were conducted.
  • The Year 6 Fun Day was held at Heyington.
  • Year 12 students participated in the Hospitality Course.
  • Years 7-9 Correction and Report Writing Days were held.
  • Kenny students with Ms McCarthy assisted with the preparation and serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome.
  • Glendalough Carols were enjoyed by a large audience in the Smith Hall.
  • Year 10 Review meetings were held.
  • The Year 6 Farewell Lunch was held.
  • A Retirement Function was held for Mr John Davenport.
  • An Information Night was held for the Spanish Tour.
  • The Years 7-9 Examination Review Day took place.
  • The Year 6 Farewell Mass was held at St Ignatius, Richmond.
  • The College Board met.
  • The Years 8-10 2019 Orientation Day was held.
  • Mr McGirr and Mr Toohey with a group of Old Collegians commenced the Zimele Immersion.
  • The Early Learning Centre Christmas Party was held in Boyd Egan Hall.
  • Staff attended Professional Development at a Coaching Seminar, Design Led Creative Thinking, the VCE Media Conference, the Annual Mathematics Conference and the Visual Communication Annual Conference.

Mr Ted Guinane
Director of Administration

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