College Rules

  • At all times students should act in accordance with the requirements of charity, courtesy and good taste.


  • In travelling to and from College, in dealing with members of staff and their fellow students, students are expected to maintain the ideals of a Christian, showing respect to all.


  • Students are expected to take a pride in their school and at all times to strive to ensue that the buildings and surroundings are preserved in the best possible condition.


  • Students are expected to make themselves available both for training and playing with College sports teams. This is to take priority over non-College based sporting commitments.


  • In competition, whether as contestants or spectators, students should manifest the spirit of true sportsmanship which joins keen rivalry with absolute fairness.


  • The appropriate uniform is to be worn on all school occasions.


  • Inappropriate use of drugs, smoking, the use of alcoholic drink and gambling are forbidden to students in College uniform, on College property and at gatherings or functions at which they are present under the auspices of St Kevin's.


  • Students may not drive motor vehicles to College properties, College functions, or to A.P.S. venues without express permission from the Deputy Headmaster; additional permission is required if the driver wishes to carry any passengers.