Senior School Newsletter

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Distant ‘away’ fixtures were ironically the ‘bonus’ games last Saturday. I know many were disappointed that rain cancelled a great number of our sporting fixtures but those who boarded buses for Geelong were rewarded with games of Cricket and Tennis. The superb condition of our grounds at Heyington allowed the 1st XI game to be played. Mr Luke Kennedy and his team are the worthy and more appropriate recipients of the many compliments I have received regarding the ovals at Heyington. The 1st XI win against the odds rounded off in a really buoyant fashion my Saturday travels during which I had seen Badminton and Swimming. My thanks to those parents who introduced, or even reintroduced themselves, and had a chat. Do know, that I welcome conversation with our community as I move about watching our boys play sport, perform music, debate or tread the boards.

The Fathers’ and Mothers’ Associations hosted a most convivial Welcome to New Parents last Friday evening. I publish, for your interest, the list of staff who are taking on Kevinian Leadership Roles (KLR) in 2019. The school is blessed that so many of my colleagues are keen to contribute to the direction and leadership of our College.





House Head Rahill

Mr Shane Schottner


Year Level Co-ordinator

Mr Barry Power


Assistant Dean of Waterford

Mr Dan Crompton


Head of Educational Support

Ms Hannah Kollmorgen


Waterford Studies Co-ordinator

Mr Ben Moloney


Head of Counselling

Mrs Maree Keel


Assistant Dean of Faith & Mission

Mr Aaron Lewicki


Assistant Dean of Faith & Mission

Mr Craig O’Brien


Glendalough Educational Support Co-ordinator

Ms Anita Kelliher


Assistant Year Level Co-ordinator

Ms Edwina Tribe


Secondary Teaching & Learning Coach

Mr Andrew Werner


Assistant Head of English

Mr Ian Korac


Glendalough Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Mr Alain Van Gurp


Assistant House Head Kearney

Mr Shaun James


Assistant House Head McCarthy

Mr Joe Keenan


Waterford Educational Support Co-ordinator

Mr Daniel Bates


Year 6 Cluster Co-ordinator 2019

Mr Stephen Monaghan


Year 5 Cluster Co-ordinator 2019

Ms Anne Waugh


Years 3 & 4 Cluster Co-ordinator 2019

Mr Bernard de Jong


Prep - Year 2 Cluster Co-ordinator 2019

Ms Julia Rocca


Music Co-ordinator Brass

Mr Andrew Werner


Waterford Outprac Convenor

Ms Rachel Kerr

A reminder of important dates next week:

Mon 7.00pm

18 Feb

Year 7 Parent Information Evening

Smith Hall


Thu 7.00pm

21 Feb

Year 8 Parent Information Evening

Smith Hall


Kind regards,

Stephen Russell

From the Ministry Team


As we approach the end of Week 3, the beginning of the year seems a distant memory and the wheels of the SKC machine are in full motion. A challenge for the Ministry Team is to respond to our busy calendar while also promoting the necessity for peaceful moments. We all need time out from the daily/weekly busyness to create space for God in our community and to inspire our boys to respond meaningfully. We are fortunate to have many opportunities for prayer and reflection at St Kevin’s.

As a Religious Education teacher, I always have an accessible tool in my teaching kit to create silence and attention in my class: prayer. I always start my RE classes with prayer and in an attempt to be more creative this year and to engage the boys in the many different types of prayer we are blessed to have in our Catholic tradition, I have vowed to not repeat the same type of prayer in a week. This week I have used the lovely hand prayer of Pope Francis, which uses our hands and fingers as prompts to consider others in our prayers that perhaps might not initially come to mind. It goes like this: with your thumb, you pray for those closest to you. With your index finger you pray for those who teach, instruct and heal us. With your middle finger, the tallest, you pray for leaders in our community. With your fourth finger, your weakest finger, you pray for those weakest in society. Finally, with your pinky finger, you pray for yourself.

One of the types of prayers used this week has been a two-minute meditation to start the class, introducing the boys briefly to our rich mystical tradition. Firstly, this worked as a great way to focus the class but I was also very surprised with how refreshed the boys were as they returned to our normal routine after this relatively short break. Next week, Lectio Divina is on the cards for my Year 7’s who surprise me every year with their ability and willingness to engage in this Gospel reflection in deeply significant ways, despite their youth.

We are fortunate as a Ministry Team to be able to lead retreats across each year level in the Senior School and once a year for our whole staff. Although each retreat has its own individual focus and theme, moments for prayer, silence and reflection are a common and necessary element. Our Yr 7 Retreats are currently in full swing with almost half of the cohort having had their day in the Pavilion. We are privileged to be sharing in this day that so many of the boys look back on with great fondness.

Of course in reflecting on prayer in our community this week, it would be remiss of me not to mention our Opening School Mass as a fantastic coming-together of our whole community in St Patrick’s Cathedral. The day, full of excitement and sense of occasion, never fails to inspire us and is a wonderful expression of the heart of our faith. But we also have a regular celebration of the Eucharist each Friday morning in our Chapel. Last Friday, 7 and 8A were joined by Cusack House in our celebration by Fr Pat Moroney for our first Mass of the year. It was fine start to our Eucharistic gatherings for the year.

Social justice underpins all we do at the College; however, without time set aside for prayer and reflection, it would be difficult for our boys to really consider and internalise the importance of our mission and how it applies to them in their daily lives.

Mrs Alice Power

Dean of Mission

Fullness of Life

  • Kenny students with Mrs Roland assisted with the preparation and serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome.
  • Literacy Testing was conducted at Glendalough.
  • The GMA Class Representatives met.
  • The Officers’ Investiture Assembly was held at Heyington.
  • The Glendalough Parent Information Evening was held.
  • Year 7B, 7C and 7D enjoyed their Retreats at the Pavilion.
  • The Senior House Parent Information Evenings were held.
  • Glendalough Swimming Trials were conducted in the Wilding Centre.
  • The Year 9 Digital Thumbprint Program was held at Waterford.
  • McCarthy students with Mr Keenan assisted with the serving of dinner at St Peter and Paul’s in South Melbourne.
  • Year 5 and 6 APS Sport commenced.
  • Year 10 students attended an Introduction to Community Service or visited a Place of Worship, a Mosque, Hindu Temple or Islamic Museum.
  • Cusack students and Mr Moeller assisted with the Breakfast and Sports Program at Trinity Primary School in Richmond.
  • The Opening School Mass was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral, with the Most Reverend Terry Curtin, the Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne as the Celebrant.
  • Glendalough students enjoyed a BBQ Lunch, provided by the Fathers’ Association, after the Opening School Mass.
  • The Mothers’ Association Lunch at the Sofitel on Collins was enjoyed by a large crowd.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 10A VIII travelled to Sydney for the NSW Rowing Championships.
  • Year 9 students enjoyed their first Outprac.
  • Ms Donna Cohen was the Year 12 Guest Speaker.
  • The Glendalough Student Leaders were announced at the Glendalough Assembly.
  • The first Year 10 Dancing class of the year was enjoyed by St Kevin’s and Loreto Mandeville Hall students.
  • Kearney students and Mr Segal and Ms Power assisted at the Kids Kaboom Club in Richmond.
  • Purton students and Mr McKinnon assisted at the Police and Community Recreation Program in Richmond.
  • Rahill students and Mr Wilson assisted with the Fitzroy Reading Program.
  • Year 12 Parents enjoyed a social function.
  • Staff attended Professional Development at the VCE Media Conference, the VCE Visual Communication Design Conference, the Swinburne Careers Practioners Seminar and the Victorian Association for Teaching English.

Mr Ted Guinane

Director of Administration

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