2022 Tuition Fees


Per Student

Preparatory - Year 4
Years 5 - 12
Subject Levy Prep - Year 12

Family discounts on Tuition Fees apply:

  • 5% for each of two brothers (when attending the College at the same time)
  • 20% for all of three or more brothers (when attending the College at the same time)

For students entering the College for the first time after the beginning of a Semester, Tuition Fees and Associated Charges will be charged on a proportionate basis.

A term's notice is required in writing to the Principal prior to the departure of a student from the College. Without this notice, a term's fees will normally be charged.

Building Fund

Tuition Fees & Associated Charges finance the yearly operating costs of the College. The Building Fund finances the capital development of the College, is fully tax-deductible and ensures optimum educational facilities for our students.  

Contribution: $1,000 per student or $1,600 per family with two or more students. A tax-deductible receipt for the St Kevin's College Building Fund will be forwarded at the end of the Financial Year (i.e. July).

Old Collegians' Associated Subscriptions

Years 7–11
$95 per student

Fathers' and Mothers' Association Subscriptions

This charge contributes to the set-up costs for College social and fundraising activities.

Prep to Year 12
$50 per family

Associated Compulsory Charges

Camps (Years 3 - 12)

Camp Levies during 2021 will be charged to your Sundry Account once the camp is confirmed by the College. The following levies are estimates and may change based on the actual program.

Associated Optional Charges


Swimming and Diving