2020 Tuition Fees


Per Student

Preparatory - Year 4
Years 5 - 12
Subject Levy Prep - Year 12

Family discounts on Tuition Fees apply:

  • 5% for each of two brothers (when attending the College at the same time)
  • 20% for all of three or more brothers (when attending the College at the same time)

For students entering the College for the first time after the beginning of a Semester, Tuition Fees and Associated Charges will be charged on a proportionate basis.

A term's notice is required in writing to the Principal prior to the departure of a student from the College. Without this notice, a term's fees will normally be charged.

Building Fund

Tuition Fees & Associated Charges finance the yearly operating costs of the College. The Building Fund finances the capital development of the College, is fully tax-deductible and ensures optimum educational facilities for our students.  

Contribution: $1,000 per student or $1,600 per family with two or more students. A tax-deductible receipt for the St Kevin's College Building Fund will be forwarded at the end of the Financial Year (i.e. July).

Old Collegians' Associated Subscriptions

Years 8 - 11
$95 per student

Fathers' and Mothers' Association Subscriptions

This charge contributes to the set-up costs for College social and fundraising activities.

Prep to Year 12
$50 per family

Religious Education Text Book

Years 7 – 10
$10 per student

Associated Compulsory Charges

Camps (Years 3 - 12)

Associated Optional Charges


Swimming and Diving