Learning and Teaching – Glendalough Campus

Given the right environment, the right motivation and the right opportunities, boys love learning.

Mr James Daly, Head of Junior School, St Kevin’s College, Toorak

This belief is voiced and evidenced every day at Glendalough, the Foundation (Preparatory) to Year 6 campus of St Kevin’s College, where the love of learning and the learning itself, are not left to chance. Through qualitative research conducted with students in Years 3 to 6 in 2012, three components were identified as essential to their learning: Choice, Challenge and Creativity. These have become the backbone for teachers and are written on their curriculum documentation as a consistent reminder of the Glendalough student voice.


The teachers of St Kevin’s College recognise that students learn at different rates, in different ways. In order to engage students, teachers of Glendalough provide opportunities for students to make informed choices for their learning. This can be opportunities for choice in how the student learns and choice in presenting what he has learnt.


St Kevin’s College has a culture of success. The students learn very early that persistence through challenge is a key component of that success. Through a variety of assessment practises, data assist the teachers in setting the bar within reach for the students. Known as the “zone of proximal development”, challenge permeates everywhere; whether it is on the sporting field, on the stage or in the classroom. Challenge is also about having high expectations for all students and for all staff.


The commitment to Creativity is a hallmark of a St Kevin’s education. Creativity can be expressed across the curriculum, whether it be inquiring about number in Mathematics or developing skills in Music and Art. The entrepreneurial skill of creativity is essential to the development of the whole student.

Curriculum Domains

The curriculum at Glendalough follows an Inquiry approach which is integrated across the domains listed below. Guided by the Australian Curriculum in Victoria, also known as AusVELS, and the Catholic Education Office of Melbourne, students are provided with the opportunities to develop their deep understanding, knowledge and skills in:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science – Years 3 – 6: Specialist Science lessons
  • History
  • Visual Arts 
  • Performing Arts – Instrumental Music, Singing
  • Information Research and Resources – Library
  • Physical Education
  • Languages other Than English – Spanish
  • Social and Emotional Learning

Each term, all Glendalough staff collaborate to formulate an “Enduring Understanding”. These understandings become the basis of learning across the Junior School from Years Preparatory to Six. In 2013, these concepts and understandings were:

Term 1 - Identity: My Identity is influenced by many things.  Term 2 - Sustainability: The ongoing existence of a healthy planet for all life depends on my actions today. Term 3 - Social Justice: By choosing to be a hope-giver I can be a change-maker in my world, your world, our world. Term 4 - Creativity: Imagination and curiosity create a world of discovery.

Outdoor Education

Click here to find out more about St Kevin's Outdoor Education Program.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

In 2012, portable Information and Communication Technology was introduced throughout the Junior School as part of our commitment towards 21st Century contemporary learning. Laptops and iPads were utilised across the curriculum and across Preparatory to Year 6. All students use the local area network and wireless internet connection whilst homerooms have an Interactive Whiteboard and access to wireless Apple TV. The Years 5 and 6 students bring their own iPad as part of the Year 5 and 6 “Bring Your Own Device” program. Students are provided opportunities to work co-operatively with their peers and teachers using on-line collaborative learning tools. In 2014, the St Kevin’s College Learning Management System will be implemented, further adding to “anywhere, anytime” learning capabilities.

Glendalough Student Leadership – Connecting Communities within and outside Glendalough

Student Leadership formally commences at Glendalough in Year 6. Representatives from across the Year Level lead the Junior School in Music, Sport and Charitable Works.  The Glendalough students raise money to assist a variety of charities. Connecting with local, national and international communities, St Kevin’s students have helped people through such organisations as: St Mary’s House of Welcome, St Vincent de Paul, Caritas Australia and the Zimele Foundation.


  • Debating
  • Chess
  • Martial Arts
  • ICT Club