Open Morning Tours 2024

The St Kevin's College Leadership Team and College Student Leaders will host Open Morning Tours at Heyington (Senior Campus) and Glendalough (Junior Campus) during the year. If you would like to attend one of these Open Morning Tours then please click on the link to book a place.

To have a tour of both the Junior and Senior campuses please book both a Junior and Senior campus Open Morning Tour.

Friday 8:45am, 8 March (Heyington Campus)

Friday 11am, 8 March (Glendalough Campus)

Friday 8:45am, 3 May (Heyington Campus)

Friday 11am, 3 May (Glendalough Campus)

Tuesday 8:45am, 11 June (Heyington Campus)

Tuesday 11am, 11 June (Glendalough Campus)

Wednesday 8:45am, 31 July (Heyington Campus)

Wednesday 11am, 31 July (Glendalough Campus)

Thursday 8.45am, 24 October (Heyington Campus)

Thursday 11am, 24 October (Glendalough Campus)

Open points of entry are as follows:

2027 onwards for Year 7

2026 onwards for Year 5

2025 onwards for Prep

St Peter's ELC - Private Tours

Private tours can be organised by contacting Mrs Kathleen Brohier, Head of St Peter's ELC

(03) 9822 0911, please press 4 for the ELC